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Clavo OrderPad

Easy to use handheld ordering system for Clover POS systems

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Mobile and Web Ordering for restaurant

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Get a holistic view of all orders

Get a complete picture of the restaurant orders in a single snapshot.

Quicker, More Accurate Orders

With Clavo Ordered, you can take your customer order on your clover device with greater efficiency, while reducing the possibility of mistakes. Orders are fired from Clover directly to the kitchen, reducing the overall order time. No more fumbling with pen and a piece of paper.

Fire the Order and You are Done

You have the ability to send part of the order from Clover device to the kitchen, while continuing to take the rest of the order. Order can also be fired by category.

Add Temporary Seating

Clavo Orderpad now lets you to add temporary seating as the situation arises. These temporary tables are tied to that specific order and are automatically removed on completion of an order.

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