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Clavo HUB

Multi-Location Menu Management

Multi Location

With Clavo Hub, you can easily manage multiple restaurants from a single location, significantly decreasing your administrative overhead.

Menu Management

You can link multiple locations from a single, easy to use interface. You can manage menu items across multiple locations.

Real-Time Updates

Update your menu, override prices, taxes, modifiers and categories in realtime across multiple location.

Connecting Multiple Locations

Easy workflows to link multiple locations and manage clover installations using a single interface

Everything you need to manage your restaurant

Clavo HUB provides you with a powerful suite of tools, giving you the ability to manage your restaurants from virtually anywhere. 

A single master menu that works across multiple locations

With Clavo HUB, you can set a single master menu that works across multiple locations. You can manage Clover items, categories, modifiers and even taxes for each location. Any menu changes can be pushed to all your locations, or just the ones you select.

Override a location menu

The override feature in Clavo HUB lets you maintain separate menu for a single location. You can also switch it back with just the click of a button.

Plans and Pricing

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