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Clavo Waitlist

With Clavo Waitlist, you can effectively manage your waitlist operations, reducing overall wait times, which will improve customer satisfaction while increasing revenue.

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Waitlisting Made Easy

With Clavo Waitlist, all you h ave to do is enter your customer’s information, assign a predefined wait time and add their mobile phone number. You don’t need a clunky expensive pager system, – Clavo Waitlist utilizes the customer’s own devices to keep them informed.

Easy Table Assignment

When a table is ready, simply drag and drop your customer to the table. This will send a message to the customer, letting them know that their table is ready.

Track Customer Wait Time

With Clavo Waitlist, you can see how much time your customers spend waiting, which will help identify areas where you can improve your wait times. This will result in a positive experience for your customer, as nobody likes to wait.

Filter Customers Waiting To Be Seated

With easy filter options, you can quickly identify ow many customers are waiting for tables, giving you an accurate snapshot of your current waitlist situation.

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Clavo Waitlist effectively manages your waitlist operations reducing overall wait times, which in turn improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue